Tal Rappleyea

Real Estate Law

Tal Rappleyea is a lawyer that has worked with cases pertaining to municipal law, personal injury, general practice, and more in New York state. However, he cites real estate as one particular area of interest.

Often when individuals think of real estate, they may think of a real estate broker or agent who sells property to buyers. Before the property goes up for sale, the broker and the seller sign a contractual document known as a listing agreement, which gives the real estate broker authority to sell the property. This process is monitored and licensed through state and federal real estate laws, and enacted by lawyers, which is something Tal Rappleyea specializes in.

Real estate law fairly mandates the rights and interests of property and provides protections for buyers, sellers, land owners, developers, contractors, and real estate agents. There are both state and federal laws that ensure real estate transactions are properly implemented. With almost three decades of law experience, Tal Rappleyea has these skills to specialize in the following federal and state real estate law issues in New York state:

  • Leases, sales, and purchases of real estate
  • Claims settlements
  • Financing, investments, mortgages and foreclosures
  • Land deeds
  • Landlord to tenant issues and owner to community issues
  • Rights to land possession and use, including man-made items such as appliances that have already been installed on the premises

Real estate lawyers like Tal can help individuals of all ages navigate the complex and varied world of real estate law. He can help individuals through the complicated process of buying and selling property by documenting real estate transactions, resolving title insurance and environmental issues, negotiate on your behalf and more.

Tal Rappleyea completed his undergraduate degree in political science at the State University of New York, Cortland, formerly known as Cortland State. To accompany his political science major, Tal chose to minor in history, which allowed him to work in the field of local government and public policy. Tal furthered his education by earning a Juris Doctorate from Hamline State University in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where his degree program concentrated in public administration.

Currently, Tal Rappleyea is a solo practitioner with concentrations in real estate law and municipal law in Valatie, New York. Tal is very active in his community, as he is a member of the Capital District Trial Lawyers Association and holds a position in the County Bar Association of New York State.