Staging your home is one of the most important parts of trying to sell. Many sellers think they can just have people tour their home the way it usually is, but in reality, this can be a grave mistake that will make buyers less likely to want to put a bid in. Luckily, staging your home is a lot easier than you might think, and it just takes a little bit of cleaning and reorganizing. Here are a few tips to help you stage the interior of your home.

Define Each Space

Experts believe that most people have a hard time visualizing. This is why it’s important you define each space for them. For instance, if you have a guest room that you primarily use for storage, you may want to take the time to clean it out. Get rid of any boxes you may keep in there, clean the furniture, and perhaps try adding lamps for some mood lighting. All of this combined will help potential buyers really visualize the space they’re in.

Make Your Kitchen Minimalist

Although a kitchen is often the heart of a home, it shouldn’t look like it’s lived in when you’re trying to sell it. One of the most important factors that buyers consider when it comes to choosing a home is the kitchen. You’ll want to remove any appliances and food that you typically leave out on the countertops to make things look less cluttered. One good idea though is to leave a bowl of fruit or something similar out, in order to add to the atmosphere.

Remove Personal Photos

While it might seem like a lot of work, you’ll want to take down any personal photos or artwork that your kids have made. You might think it makes the house look a little boring, but potential buyers will want to be able to visualize their own photos hanging on the wall. Hang up more generic photos, such as landscape artwork, and fill in other empty areas with coffee tables and the like.

Brighten Up The Bedrooms

When staging the bedrooms in your home, brighten them up to make them feel more inviting. Use white sheets and white pillows, and try to avoid having an overload of colors. Your bathroom should be handled similarly, using mainly white towels. Imagine each room as a hotel room and you’ll be golden.