Being a real estate agent can be challenging. There’s a lot of traveling around, your hours aren’t necessarily set and it’s not always easy to make a sale. There’s always room to grow within the field as well, learning more from your peers and from other sources, such as podcasts or books. Podcasts in particular can be a great source of knowledge and advice for real estate agents. Since realtors are constantly on the move, podcasts can be very accessible for them as they can be listened to while driving from house to house and provide quick tips to help them make a sale. Read on for a few great podcasts to listen to if you’re a real estate agent.

The Commercial Investing Show

If you work in commercial real estate, this show is a great option for you. Host Jason Hartman is an expert in entrepreneurship and various industries as well as a host of multiple podcasts such as Creating Wealth in Real Estate but this show focuses primarily on investing in commercial real estate. Hartman shares tips for how to profit in the commercial real estate industry as well as sharing all of the hottest news in the field and how it affects the industry.

Real Estate Coaching Radio

If you’ve been in the real estate industry for a while, you’ve likely heard of Tim and Julie Harris. These two have been some of the top real estate professionals in the industry for over 20 years and are often considered some of the best real estate coaches out there. That’s why they chose to start Real Estate Coaching Radio, a podcast where they provide tips and tricks all about the industry. They’re also known for bringing in other expert real estate professionals and pros from other industries who they interview and allow them to weigh in on various topics, such as improving marketing strategies and growing within the real estate industry.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Robert Helms and Russel Gray have been in the real estate industry for a long time and have been hosting this show on the radio since 1997 before moving onto a podcast format. The show is one of the most downloaded real estate investing shows ever, and every episode provides real, usable tips to help anyone in the field succeed. You’ll not only get great tips, but they’ll provide you with insights into the market and strategies that can help you improve your real estate business tenfold. Like other shows, they often bring in well known experts as guest hosts who are able to provide different perspectives.