Some people are downsizing due to the loss of their jobs, while others are looking for a bigger house to accommodate their larger family. Others are delaying their plans to sell or buy their houses. As the market shifts, real estate professionals are working to meet the needs of their clients. They are not only adapting to the changes in the market, but they are also relying on technology to improve their efficiency.

Most real estate professionals are also adopting new marketing strategies. These changes have allowed them to focus on their core business of providing good customer service. 

  • Stay Focused On Service

Instead of focusing on short-term sales, top-performing agents are now building long-term relationships with their clients. People are looking for information to help them make decisions about buying or selling a home. Top-performing agents are providing their clients with the latest market updates and news about local issues.

With the need for time to meet with potential clients in person, many real estate professionals are now turning to the Internet to reach out to their potential customers. An effective way to reach out to this demographic is through a free webinar. This type of event can help people learn about various home safety measures.

Another effective way to improve a home’s listing price is by collaborating with a local business. This can be done through a webinar to teach sellers how to make their houses more attractive. The end of the pandemic is expected to allow the real estate industry to continue relying on technology. This will enable agents to provide even more personal service to their clients. A robust personal connection will allow them to get more business during the recovery.

  • Adapting To Technology

Despite the emergence of new technology, some real estate professionals still need help with the old ways of selling homes. They still use traditional methods such as direct mail, billboards, and magazine ads. However, with the rise of COVID, video tours have become an integral part of the sales process. Most real estate professionals use their smartphones to capture these videos. However, the most effective ones feature professional editing and photography. A professional photographer can help them capture the home’s perfect light and details.

  • Virtual Tours

Virtual tours, also known as 3D walkthroughs, are one step up from pre-recorded videos. When the COVID outbreak forced the cancellation of open houses in the U.S., many real estate professionals transitioned to using technology to conduct live chats with their clients while taking a 3D tour.

Real estate professionals can use video tools like Skype, Apple Watch, and Roundee to conduct live walk-throughs with their clients. Virtual tours can also be listed on websites and social media platforms.

When creating 3D walkthroughs, it’s vital to hire a professional with the necessary equipment and experience to ensure that the videos are of the highest quality. One of the most common reasons people create low-quality videos is their smartphones’ limited panoramic capabilities. This can devalue a home if it needs to be done correctly. The proper equipment, such as a tripod, a 360 camera, and a stabilizer, will allow you to create a high-quality video.