The start of a new year is the perfect time for people to start planning home upgrades and changes. While some changes can be subtle updates, other homeowners may be interested in major remodels for their homes. These are some remodeling trends for 2022.

More sustainability

Lately, people have been caring more about sustainability in fashion, food, beauty products and furniture. In 2022, many homeowners will pay more attention to which products are helpful to the environment. Some popular sustainable products include furniture made of recycled materials or natural materials such as bamboo.

More safety features

People have spent a lot of time at home this past year, making them pay more attention to safety in their homes. For example, homeowners with children or elderly relatives most likely will invest in nonslip flooring or railings for stairs.

Spa-style bathrooms

Spending some time at a spa is an excellent escape from stress, so many people will want to incorporate spa-style details in their bathrooms. Some spa-inspired upgrades can include purchasing towel warmers, fancier lighting options, and spacious bathtubs.

Outdoor areas

Many people feel safer getting together with friends outdoors rather than inside, so outdoor seating will continue to be a trend in 2022. Homeowners will purchase attractive chairs and tables to entertain guests outside. Other trendy options include plants, hammocks, and decorations.

Retro styles

The vintage look has been trendy for a while now and probably is not going away anytime soon. From retro paint colors to antique lamps or furniture, homeowners will have fun experimenting with charming, retro details.

Creative kitchens

A kitchen is no longer a place for only eating and cooking. Nowadays, many people work, play games, and watch TV in their kitchens. Homeowners will get creative with their kitchen designs by adding another island or unique tables in this space.

Home offices

Working from home has become the new normal for many companies and employees. Now that so many people are working from their homes rather than traveling to offices, homeowners who work in various industries will likely transform rooms in their houses into offices for spaces where they can get work done without distractions.

These updates will be trendy and refreshing for homes in 2022.