Winter in the U.S. real estate market is an indicator of a slow season for many agents. However, a real estate offseason typically happens inside one’s mindset. Some utilize all the tools available to succeed even during such hard times. The following tips can help real estate dealers become more enthusiastic to avoid any offseason:

1. Standardize

Four leading social media platforms are consistent with new content. They include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Standardizing means following a content creation system to generate content that can be shared across all four platforms. The following is a simple content creation process:

The first step is recording a long video ranging from 1-10 minutes long and then taking a photo. The video is shared on IGTV or YouTube, with the photo being the cover. The same photo is posted to Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram feed or stories with a direct link to the video. Tracking the activity generated from your posts in the form of likes and comments to understand better what the followers are interested in.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are majorly visual-first platforms. Users who get many likes and comments consistently post high-quality images and videos telling short stories about real estate properties.

2. Optimize

After warming up to social media platforms with a content creation strategy without getting positive results, it is high time to optimize spending more time, 30-60 minutes, on social media platforms. This is enough time to search for the best hashtags, find potential clients, and ignite a conversation with some of them. Instagram algorithms favor users who create engaging content and build relationships regularly.

3. Audit

Real estate dealers who look to break sales records even during off-seasons need to be updated on the reviews they get on Zillow and Google. Many clients go through reviews of every business before making a choice. If there are no existing reviews, happy clients can be requested for an online review on a website or social media profile.


Social media marketing is one of the most efficient strategies for all types of businesses. There are many ways of using social media platforms to one’s advantage. Real estate agents have also taken to digital growing to help get the most of any available opportunity during a slow season.