Selling a home can be a hard thing to do. You have to find a property agent to work with. Coming up with a list of potential renovations and improvements is a good idea, but then you actually have to either do them or arrange for someone to handle it. Then, there are the photos for the listing. Finally, you put your home on the market and start arranging for viewings.

Your family has to basically vanish for every showing, and you have to keep the whole home clean. Not only that, you should know all you can about staging a bedroom.

While you want to make a good impression of your whole home, bedrooms can play a crucial role in the eyes of buyers. They might already be planning on some renovations and upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms, so they would want bedrooms to be ready as they are. When buyers are looking for a new home, they’re usually hoping for not just a place to live but a level of lifestyle that’s better than what they currently have.

The master bedroom is a place to make a great impression. Keep it clean and calm. Interior designers often recommend that most rooms in a home have only 30 percent of the square footage taken up by the footprint of furniture. If you can do that, it helps a room feel spacious and inviting.

Clear out the closets as much as you can so buyers will feel like there is plenty of space for their things. Also, remove anything not related to bedrooms from bedrooms so the vibe they give off is direct and authentic.

Kids’ bedrooms are almost as important. They can’t just be places where children would sleep. They’re also going to study, play, and grow in these rooms. They need to actually be as happy as possible in them during their developmental years.

Any bedroom will benefit from ambient lighting being added. For that matter, use new bedding in your staging. In fact, consider putting in a new bed that is just the right size and matches your welcoming decor. You don’t have to buy one for staging, as you can rent temporarily until you sell your home.