There is a fear among home sellers that their home might not sell fast enough or generate the target amount of money. However, these strategic low-cost home improvements can help to expedite property sales and earn a reasonable profit.


Landscaping to make the front of the house look good creates a great first impression. A National Association of Realtors survey showed that 71% of home buyers consider curb appeal one of the most important criteria. Below are examples of inexpensive and quick curb appeal projects.

  • Regular lawn mowing
  • Watering the yard, removing weeds, aerating, and applying fertilizer
  • Planting a few delicious trees
  • Lawn edging and mulching to create a neat, attractive appearance

Simple landscaping is better than extensive work, as some buyers might associate the property with a high maintenance cost.

Clean And Paint The Walls

Freshly painted rooms attract the eye, so it is essential to allure buyers with a clean updated exterior and interior. Scrubbing the walls with proper cleaning agents or a simple paint job with the right tools brings excellent results. Painting requires choosing the appropriate type of colors and painting rooms in light shades. Painting can be done by the homeowner or alternatively, a pro can be hired. Washing walls can give them a desirable look if still they are in mint condition and only have marks, dings, or fingerprints.

Upgrade Lighting

Dull recessed lights will not impress buyers, so it is time to replace them with better options such as chandeliers. It is also time to swap aged light bulbs in rooms with new proper voltage ones for room fixtures. Energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs are a great addition because buyers like homes with cheaper utility costs. Another good upgrade is to add more fixtures and lamps in places such as:

  • Cabinets
  • Desks
  • Bedsides
  • Tread

Adding path lighting makes a home more welcoming while installing proper blinds and curtains lets in natural light.

Replacement Carpets Re-finish Flooring

Home centers and flooring stores sell water-based products that renew different types of floors. They don’t cost much but can help make your floors look good as new. A carpet cleaning professional can clean-shine a carpet, but a replacement is the best option for old worn carpets.

Kitchen Facelift

Renovating a kitchen can increase your home’s value, but the flip side is that it might be expensive. However, the upgrades below can still increase value by a few dollars.

  • Depersonalizing
  • Painting
  • Cleaning countertops
  • Replacement of old appliances

Advice by an interior designer and the above low-cost home improvements will help change the buyers’ perception.