There are many laws that protect us, our rights, and our property. However, some laws seem unnecessary or even useless. If you look at the laws in the US, you’ll likely find several that don’t make a lot of sense, especially regarding real estate. Today, we’re going to be talking about strange real estate laws you should know. 


Boulder, CO: No Upholstered Furniture Outside

You’re not allowed to have any type of upholstered furniture outdoors in Colorado. This includes, but is not limited to, your couch, a padded chair, or a chaise lounge. If you’re planning on relocating to the area, make sure that you’re not too attached to the outdoor furniture.


Arkansas and Missouri: A Limit on Female Roommates

In Arkansas, a woman expecting her fifth child is worried that she might not be able to get the boy she and her husband want. This is because, under the law, six or more women can’t live together in the same house. This was put in place to prevent brothels. Although most brothels have already been disbanded in Arkansas and Missouri, the laws regarding these establishments still exist. It’s not clear if these laws are being enforced properly.


Waldron, WA: Hard Limit of Two Toilets in a Building

If you’re looking to move to a tiny island and start over, then you might want to consider relocating to the island of Waldron, located between Canada and Washington state. Due to the limited development that has occurred on the island, there’s a law that limits the number of toilets that can be in a building. This is because the authorities want to ensure that the development on the island is carried out at an appropriate pace.


Aspen, CO: No Snowball Fights

In Colorado, throwing snowballs onto the private or public property is illegal. It’s also illegal to throw them at other people. Although it’s hard to imagine the Aspen police going after a group of kids for a snowball fight, you might not want to risk it.


NJ, NY, NM, HI: Lazy Sunday

If you’re one of the many people who gets woken up by an over-enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, then you’re not alone. There are laws in various states that prevent the use of certain types of home improvement tools. Some of these laws include banning the use of these tools on certain days.


To avoid irritating your neighbors, certain states, such as New Jersey, Hawaii, and New York, have laws that prevent you from carrying out certain home improvement projects on Sundays. In addition, residents in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are prohibited from using their lawnmowers on Sundays.