You might see a property that has condemned signs hanging on the front of the property. Most times, we just assume that a person simply couldn’t pay for the property of that they just let the property go to waste. Let’s take a deeper look at what truly makes a property condemned.

Natural Disaster
A building could be condemned for a reason as simple as damage from natural disasters. Things like floods, fires, earthquakes, or mudslides can cause damage to the foundation or structure causing the building to become unsafe or result in a possible collapse. If the structural integrity of the building somehow isn’t compromised, the effects of the natural disaster could damage the building to the point that it’s not reasonable to repair.

Unsafe Construction
Sometimes, a building won’t be structurally sound and will be condemned as a result. If a contractor uses faulty building materials or utilizes improper building practices that makes the building unstable, the property will then be condemned. For newer buildings, this isn’t so much the case. This generally applies to older buildings that have support beams or columns that haven’t been replaced, thus making the structure unsafe.

Health Hazards
If there is a widespread health hazard, such as contamination or a parasite infestation, then a building will be condemned. This is especially true for older apartment buildings. If there is a case of black mold in a building that cannot be contained, then the building would be condemned. Black mold has the potential to create respiratory problems.

If there is chemical contamination that comes from industrial toxins or illegal drug manufacturing, this can also lead to a building becoming condemned because of the threat it creates to humans. A prime example is the case of Love Canal in Niagara Falls, NY. Industrial chemical toxins weren’t contained properly at a dumping site. As a result, many families were forced to relocate as their properties became condemned from chemicals seeping into their basements.

There is a multitude of reasons that a property can be condemned. It’s a common misconception that a property that is condemned means that the owner could not pay for the building. This is actually better known as foreclosure.